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Capital city of the province of Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest city in North America. Known as "Silicon Valley of the North", Toronto has also a the highests concentrations of world-class reasearches and high skilled technology specialists.

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Global mindset

There are so many things making the world smaller and more connected then never. The increasing capacity to travel and consume the same or similiar products are important, but the digital solutions are fostering the way to a big connected community.


The healthcare is not different and the basis of medicine are the same. The most differences are the resources available and the who are payiers, exactly where the technology should be acting to reduce the burden over the practices.


Our international expertise allow us to see clearly that the differences between the clinical processes of healthcare providers located in different countries might be the same of other on the same neighbor. Create digital solutions in a global perspective in healthcare means provide enough flexibility to providers keep their capacity to innovate their own processes.


From our brand new global office in Canada we are ready to take our part on the digital transformation in the healthcare systems going to a next level using technology to improve the life quality.


Founding principles

Keeping the focus on the clinical/care and patient health processes is the key to diferentiate us, improving the capacity to deliver innovation to our clients.

The more focus on our expertise area, the more strong and impactful our solutions will be.


To revolutionize the digital health care the collaboration between vendors must be followed respecting who has the best solutions in order to give better outcomes for the providers and patients.


While the health care systems are always fighting to reduce the costs, the software vendors keep increasing the costs with technology. Designing more flexible solutions to empower the providers to lead their own challenges is key turning point on that scenario.

WW8 Health Tech Inc is a company founded to converge ideas, concepts and strengths of a heterogeneous group of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the health sector and technology. Our team have been successfully facing clinical data problems in clinical and care processes.

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